Nurturing the Abundance Mindset through Travel

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The Growth Mindset

While the term “growth mindset” has gained traction in the business world, we can also refer to it as “self-efficacy” or “abundance”. For the sake of this conversation, we will use “abundance”.


What is Abundance?

Abundance is a mindset, which—like a muscle—can be strengthened over time through effort and experience. When we build up this muscle, we tap into a new toolkit that enhances everyday life.

Throughout our lives, a concatenation of events can steer us toward or away from reaching our potential. To tackle these external forces effectively, we need to ensure that our inner thoughts and actions come from a place of abundance—an idea bank with an unlimited supply of what we need, so there is no need to be possessive or defensive over what we create, say or do.


“Let us temper our criticism with kindness. None of us comes fully equipped.” – Carl Sagan


When we act in accordance with abundance, we become empathetic, open-minded, and generous. We overcome the fears of being judged, being wrong, and looking bad. We understand that every juncture represents nothing more than a prototype of oneself and of one’s creation. The potential of all things is unknown.


Travel Broadens the Mind and Nurtures Abundance

Travel is an epiphany-friendly activity and a catalyst for growth—it synthesizes the mindset, knowledge, and environment. Besides the more tangible knowledge we gain about a country or a culture, the uncertainty that stems from being in an unfamiliar environment can also offer an ethereal benefit. Travel forces us into a whirlwind of decisive and immediate action, reminding us that the current situation is not the only option open to us. It accentuates our innate talent in planning, creating, connecting, and flourishing. It reminds us to stretch ourselves and push ourselves just a little bit more as our potential is not set in stone.


“Life is mostly an exercise in being something other than what we used to be while remaining fundamentally — and sometimes maddeningly — who we are.” – Meghan Daum


Richard Bangs, often referred to as “the father of modern adventure travel”, sees the attempts to push beyond one’s comfort zone while on travel as a way to create an evolution of consciousness. When asked to define modern adventure, he says it is more of “a mental state than it is anything physical or necessarily even active”.

His latest article on The Huffington Post is a perennially elevating read. It’s easy to see the brilliance of Richard. He is more than the father of modern adventure travel; he is also an exemplar of abundance and a mentor to many.


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