Put More Life Into Your Work

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“… you learn better in an environment where you’re given the permission to connect to yourself, so that means creating your work and living your life along with your own values, instead of according to somebody else’s script. And finally, learning with people from different nationalities, age groups, income brackets, and life experiences gives a perspective that is completely invaluable. Because the education we need to thrive in the new economy is very difficult to be taught in the traditional classroom no matter where it is, and while universities are vibrant places of learning, there’s still this microcosm onto themselves. So why not use the world as your campus? We can take full advantage of the opportunities and perspectives that it will give you, because ideas are everywhere, inspiration is everywhere. information is everywhere. So why would we limit our learning to institutions and their curriculum? It’s not just about a change in location, it’s about a change in mindset.”

Check out Hubud‘s co-founder, Steve Munroe’s talk on TEDxBarcelonaED. 



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