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“A noble project and a treat to reclaim your sense of adventure and abundance.”

Richard Bangs, Author and Television Personality


“Dr. Matthew Horkey shares a magnificent, inspiring journey filled with big lessons. Travel Learn Earn delivers a unique look on removing obstacles that keep people from living the lives they really want!”

Gerry Robert, International Best-selling Author of The Millionaire Mindset


“There’s something about Dr. Matthew Horkey that is truly inspiring. His story about his journey from nothing to success is a path accessible for anyone who dares to take the first step. I can so relate and I think you will too. So take some time to read this book then grab your bag and passport!”

James MacNeil, Author of The Guru Builder


Travel Learn Earn Let the World Be Your Guide to Freedom Matthew Horkey

Why are so many people frustrated with their lives? Why, in today’s world where we have more communication tools at our fingertips than at any time in human history, are we more disconnected than we have ever been? What is it that keeps us from living the life that we want? Is it possible for us to flourish while living life on our own terms? In Travel Learn Earn, you will see how living a life of adventure, abundance and possibility is attainable. You will follow Dr. Matthew Horkey on a discovery journey of not only the world, but the obstacles in our mind that so often hold back our success. In Dr. Horkey’s first book, he takes the lessons from a magnificent journey and translates them into practical tips and tools so that YOU may achieve abundance and freedom in your life.


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