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A Food Lover\’s Guide To Miraflores Peru Restaurants

Located in the heart of Lima, Peru, the district of Miraflores is a hub for food enthusiasts from across the globe. With a vast range of restaurants, cafes, food stalls and street vendors, the area

Located in the heart of Lima, Peru, the district of Miraflores is a hub for food enthusiasts from across the globe. With a vast range of restaurants, cafes, food stalls and street vendors, the area has developed a reputation for its remarkable cuisine, making it a must-visit destination for any food lover.

Miraflores offers a unique blend of Peruvian and international cuisines, which are each celebrated and showcased within the district. With countless options to choose from, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the best restaurants in Miraflores.

One restaurant worth noting is Maido, which is considered one of the best restaurants in Latin America for its Nikkei cuisine. Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura, owner of the establishment, combines the flavors of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine to create a unique and unforgettable dining experience for his guests.

Another spectacular dining experience is at Rafael, located in Calle San Martin. This restaurant highlights a fusion of modern Peruvian and Mediterranean cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant’s lively atmosphere and sophisticated dishes make it a popular spot for couples and tourists.

Those looking for traditional Peruvian cuisine will not be disappointed by Antigua Bodega Dalmacia. Nestled on a corner of Calle Alcanfores, this eatery is surrounded by miradors (small lookouts). The restaurant menu reflects a variety of Peruvian dishes, including savory ceviche, succulent beef dishes, and traditionally-made cocktails.

The acclaimed Pescados Capitales is another stand-out restaurant in the area. Guests flock to this establishment for its seafood dishes, which are a fusion of Mexican and Peruvian cuisine. Here, diners can enjoy the freshest seafood in the city, cooked to perfection with unique spices and marinades.

For a pre-dinner drink, head to Ayahuasca Restobar. Located on the second floor of an old house on Calle San Martin, this bar offers a myriad of extraordinary drink blends, including their infamous Ayahuasca Sour.

The Best Places to Eat Vegetarian Food

Despite being a foodie haven, some restaurants in Miraflores specialize in vegetarian-friendly dishes. One of the best example is Eco Restaurant, which serves a blend of vegetarian, vegan and kosher dishes crafted to perfection. Notably, their quinoa-based burger and Peruvian mushroom cebiche will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Crepes & Waffles is another great option for vegetarians, serving some of the best savory crepes and waffles in the city. The popular spot has a relaxed vibe and happy, friendly staff that adds an extra layer of appeal to this delightful restaurant.

One lesser-known option, Siete Sopas, is a vegetarian-friendly soup stall boasting a variety of soup displays. Though small in size, it is loved by locals who appreciate the fresh and nourishing soups that are the staple of this establishment.

Where to Get the Best Breakfast in Miraflores

The Cafeteria G&S (Gastronomy and Service) is a breakfast spot worth mentioning. It has a vintage ambiance and serves an array of local products, freshly-innovated dishes, and a range of coffee blends ideal for starting the day right.

Another breakfast choice for those seeking an eccentric option is La Lucha Sangucheria. It is a popular sandwich chain with several locations throughout Lima. The outlet in Miraflores specializes in breakfast sandwiches that are always cooked to order and served hot.

The Best Budget Eateries in Miraflores

Not all the restaurants in Miraflores cost an arm and a leg. For budget-minded visitors, Aji 555 is a small family restaurant offering the best value for your money. The restaurant features a menu consisting of dishes full of native flavors, including seafood, beef, and chicken.

El Cacaotal is another affordable restaurant, offering a unique ambiance of old-fashioned elegance. It serves a blend of healthy meals and traditional Peruvian dishes that are ideal for budget-conscious diners.

Where to Sample the Best Street Food in Miraflores

The local street food is one aspect of Miraflores that sets it apart from the rest. Tacos and empanadas are ubiquitous in the area and provide a quick and delicious snack option for those on the go.

Street vendors at Parque Kennedy, for example, offer scrumptious Churros – a deep-fried dough pastry pastry covered in sugar, cinnamon and chocolate syrup, as well as Butifarras – fresh bread rolls stuffed with marinated meat, served with salsa criolla and aji amarillo. These local street food delicacies are bound to leave your taste buds with a lasting impression.

In conclusion, Miraflores is home to some of the best food in Lima, with an unrivaled diversity of eateries, street food and cafes. The district caters to all, providing memorable dining experiences for food enthusiasts and budget-conscious diners alike.

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