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A Guide To Farmhouse Stays In Sonoma, California

Farmhouse stays have become all the rage for city dwellers who yearn for the charm and simplicity of country living. If you\'re considering a vacation in Sonoma, California, but want to avoid the touristy hustle

Farmhouse stays have become all the rage for city dwellers who yearn for the charm and simplicity of country living. If you\’re considering a vacation in Sonoma, California, but want to avoid the touristy hustle and bustle, a farmhouse stay could be your next best option. With an assortment of contemporary and historic options, you are sure to find a haven that will fit your style and taste perfectly.

For those who seek authenticity, an enchanting experience awaits at The Victorian Farmhouse. Built in 1873, the restored abode transports guests back in time with its original architectural features, such as hardwood floors and hand-crafted moldings. Marrying vintage appeal with modern amenities, the farmhouse includes a heated pool, a hot tub, and internet connectivity.

Alternatively, if you want to live like a modern-day farmer, Watsonville Farmhouse may just be the place for you. With produce and fruit trees grown on the property, guests can savor fresh, organic produce during their stay. The rustic farmhouse is not short of modern luxury either, with a fully equipped kitchen and gorgeous views of California\’s countryside.

For guests who wish to make the most of their stay by being in close proximity to great wineries, the Oceana Estate offers the perfect setting. The estate boasts vast vineyards and an orchard, and groups of up to 14 can soak up the Californian sun in the estate\’s private pool.

Another great option is the Porter Creek Retreat, which offers eye-catching views of the Russian River Valley. Its two-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage stands on 50-acre land and is perfect for couples or small families in search of a relaxing retreat. A bonus? The cottage sits just a few minutes from the renowned Porter Creek Winery.

If you consider yourself an animal lover, Beltane Ranch is the place for you. Horseback riding, hiking, and bird-watching are among the many activities that guests can indulge in during their stay. The ranch, which is set on a 105-acre property, prides itself on growing its fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as rearing livestock.

The Twin Pine Farm, located in the charming Dry Creek Valley, is another great option. Its serene environment makes it an ideal location for city dwellers looking to reconnect with nature. The farm comprises of historic buildings, including a century-old cottage, vineyards, and a farming operation.

Things to Do in Sonoma

While staying in a farmhouse, it\’s recommended that you take in the local attractions that make Sonoma so memorable. The city\’s central square is lined with boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries where visitors can taste and experience an array of organic wines, fresh produce, and locally made crafts.

For a truly unique experience, a visit to the Infineon Raceway might be just the thing. Thrill-seekers have the opportunity to drive their high-performance vehicles on the raceway, get behind the wheel of a NASCAR stock car or take a hot lap with a trained professional driver.

Sonoma\’s picturesque landscape is also great for cycling enthusiasts. The area has miles of paved roads that offer breathtaking views of the wineries, rolling hills, and oak trees that surround the region.

Tasting the Best Wines in Sonoma

Wine tasting is a must-do activity for travelers visiting Sonoma. Sonoma\’s wine industry is said to have begun in 1812 when Russian explorers planted a vineyard near present-day Fort Ross, and it has since then continued to grow.

If you\’re looking for that classic Californian experience, a visit to the Buena Vista Winery is an absolute must. The winery was founded in 1857 and is California\’s oldest premium winery.

For a unique experience, a visit to the Donum Estate is highly recommended. The estate is renowned for its top-tier Pinot Noir wines and its impressive sculpture garden. In addition to its array of renowned wines, the estate features stunning views of the Carneros region.

Where to Dine in Sonoma

Sonoma has a host of top-notch dining options, boasting world-class chefs that focus on farm-to-table cuisine.

Saddle\’s Steakhouse, located amid the rolling hills of Bennett Valley, is famous for its steaks and fresh seafood. Meanwhile, the Thai dishes from Kao Sook Thai Cuisine Restaurant are recommended to those who want to try Asian-inspired cuisine.

The Girl and the Fig is a must-visit in Sonoma. The outdoor terrace sits at the heart of downtown, and the restaurant prides itself on serving home-cooked meals prepared with locally grown ingredients.

Where to Stay in Sonoma

For a truly luxurious escape, consider the Farmhouse Inn. This upscale retreat boasts an array of deluxe amenities, including spa services and wine-tasting events. The inn\’s main building speaks to the roots of the farm, dating back to the 1970s. The property also features a barn with 25 guest rooms that offer a variety of floor plan options to cater to guests\’ different tastes.

Sonoma\’s beauty is even more breathtaking when you experience it from your own private haven. These farmhouse stays offer a unique and inviting blend of the region\’s natural beauty, contemporary luxury, and historical charm.

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