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Argentina’s Wine Country: A Guide To Wine Tours And Things To Do In Cordoba And Mendoza

Argentina is one of the world\'s top wine producers, and its Wine Country, located in the provinces of Cordoba and Mendoza, is a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts. Here\'s a guide to wine tours and

Argentina is one of the world\’s top wine producers, and its Wine Country, located in the provinces of Cordoba and Mendoza, is a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts. Here\’s a guide to wine tours and things to do in Argentina\’s Wine Country.

Argentina\’s wine industry dates back over centuries, ever since Spanish colonizers introduced grapevines in the region. Today, Argentinean wineries produce wine that is known for its exceptional quality and flavor, and many of them are open to visitors for wine tours and tastings.

The provinces of Cordoba and Mendoza are home to some of Argentina\’s finest wineries, and these regions offer visitors an opportunity to explore the Wine Country\’s breathtaking scenery while indulging in world-class wines. Some of the most popular wineries in the region include Achaval Ferrer, Catena Zapata, and Trapiche.

During wine tours, visitors can walk through vineyards, watch the wine production process, and learn about how different wines are made. Many wineries offer guided tours, and some even include food pairings and a chance to meet the winemakers themselves.

Aside from touring wineries, Wine Country is also known for its incredible outdoor activities. Adventurous travelers can go rafting, horseback riding, and trekking in the Andes Mountains while taking in the stunning natural landscapes that surround them.

For those looking for a more relaxed experience, Wine Country is also home to luxurious spas and resorts that offer indulgent treatments and breathtaking views of the vineyards.

Expert sommeliers suggest that when visiting Argentina\’s Wine Country, visitors should try the Malbec, which is the country\’s signature wine. Malbec is known for its rich, bold flavor that pairs perfectly with Argentinean cuisine, such as asado (grilled meats) and empanadas.

Where to Stay in Cordoba and Mendoza

Accommodations in Argentina\’s Wine Country range from charming bed and breakfasts to luxurious resorts. In terms of location, visitors can choose between staying in a city center or near the vineyards.

Some of the top-rated hotels in Mendoza include Casa de Uco Vineyards and Wine Resort, Entre Cielos, and Park Hyatt Mendoza. Visitors looking to stay in Cordoba can opt for El Colibri Estancia de Charme, which is known for its impressive architecture and breathtaking countryside views.

Where to Eat in Cordoba and Mendoza

Argentina\’s Wine Country offers some of the best food in the country, with a variety of restaurants serving up traditional Argentinean cuisine as well as international dishes.

For a unique dining experience, visitors can try Casa El Enemigo in Mendoza, which offers a four-course tasting menu paired with some of the region\’s best wines. Those looking for more casual dining can visit De La Ostia in Cordoba, which is known for its delicious empanadas.

Best Time to Visit Cordoba and Mendoza

The best time to visit Argentina\’s Wine Country is during the harvest season, which runs from February to April. During this time, visitors can witness the grape harvest and participate in the winemaking process.

However, Wine Country is a year-round destination, and visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as trekking, skiing, and horseback riding during the winter months. Winter is also a great time to visit the thermal baths and indulge in spa treatments.

Wine Traditions in Argentina

Winemaking is deeply rooted in Argentina\’s culture, and there are numerous traditions surrounding the production and consumption of wine.

One such tradition is the sharing of mate (pronounced ma-teh), which is a traditional Argentinean drink made from the dried leaves of the yerba mate plant. Many wineries offer visitors mate as a welcoming gesture, and it is often enjoyed alongside empanadas or other savory snacks.


Argentina\’s Wine Country is a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. With its stunning natural scenery, world-class wines, and luxurious resorts, it\’s a destination that should be on every traveler\’s bucket list.

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