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Best Wine Bars In London, Uk

London is known for its fascinating bar culture, and wine bars are no exception. Whether you\'re a wine novice or a wine expert, the capital city of England is packed with a diverse range of

London is known for its fascinating bar culture, and wine bars are no exception. Whether you\’re a wine novice or a wine expert, the capital city of England is packed with a diverse range of wine bars that cater to every drinker\’s taste buds. In this article, we\’ve cast our net far and wide to bring you the best wine bars that London has to offer.

Our list starts with one of London\’s most prestigious wine bars, the 28-50 Wine Workshop and Kitchen. Situated on Fetter Lane, this classy wine bar boasts a selection of over thirty wines by the glass, including an impressive collection of rare and fine wines. Its food menu, expertly crafted to match wine brews, ranges from seafood platters to French cheeses, making it an ideal spot for wine tasting paired with gastronomy. The prices might be on the higher side, but it\’s an excellent choice for an indulgent evening out.

If you\’re looking for a quirky, hidden gem to experience, The Remedy in Fitzrovia is worth checking out. Tucked into a backstreet on Cleveland Street, this tiny wine bar will surprise you with its vast wine list. The Remedy boasts a selection of natural wines and rare, undiscovered blends that pair well with its delightful menu of small, artisanal plates. This cosy place is perfect for a casual, laid-back evening with friends or a romantic night out.

Next on our list is another hidden and cosy gem, Green and Blue. Located in the heart of East Dulwich, this neighbourhood wine bar boasts an excellent selection of undiscovered and small-batch wines, including some organic and biodynamic offerings. This relaxed, intimate setting is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and indulging in some exceptional wine.

If you\’re seeking an atmosphere that screams elegance and luxury, Wilton\’s, situated on Jermyn Street, is your spot. The wine menu boasts over 300 rare and fine wines that range from £30 to several thousand pounds. The interiors of Wilton\’s are just as impressive as the wine selection, with plush armchairs, soft lighting and velvet-covered walls, giving off an exclusive and expensive feel. It\’s undoubtedly a top spot for a celebratory night out or an intimate dinner with your significant other.

Another great spot for a celebratory evening is Sager + Wilde on Paradise Row, Bethnal Green. This wine bar impresses with its reasonably priced yet high-quality wine list, making it an accessible and inviting spot for the wine connoisseur and the casual drinker. Their dishes are prepared using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and served tapas-style, making it easy to try different items and pair them with different wines. The vibrant and cheerful atmosphere of Sager + Wilde\’s, with its exposed-brick walls, colourful graffitis, and live music evenings, makes it an excellent spot to mark special moments with friends or family.

1780, tucked away in Brixton Market, is a wine bar that will transport you to the very heart of France. The bar has a vast wine list of organic natural wines and serves plates of fine charcuterie and cheese. The ambiance, with stained walls, wooden accents, and flickering candlelight, gives off a warm and cosy feeling. 1780 could not be any more authentic if it tried, making it a perfect spot to indulge in some truly unique wines while savouring a small piece of France in London.

Last, but not least, we recommend Antidote Wine Bar. Located on the busy streets of Soho, Antidote is a natural wine bar that serves up funky wines and bites from artisanal suppliers. The bar has a relaxed, chill vibe, with a focus on organic and biodynamic wines. Antidote also offers food and wine pairing sessions, natural wine-friendly cheese boards and can accommodate vegan requirements. It\’s an unbeatable spot for a laid-back evening, soaking up the vibrant atmosphere that Soho offers.

Good to Know Tips

If you\’re unsure of where to start, most wine bars offer wine-tasting sessions with professional sommeliers. This is a great way to understand and educate your palate on the different types of wine and appreciate their unique qualities.

Most of the wine bars across London follow a no-reservation policy, so it\’s best to get there early to ensure you get a table. Ask for the wine list and recommendations from the staff, especially if you\’re a wine novice.

If you\’ve fallen in love with a particular wine or batch, most wine bars offer wine bottles to take home at a much lower price than you would find in off-licenses and wines shops.

Don\’t be afraid to explore and try different types of wine. Wine bars very often carry rare, undiscovered finds that are not always available elsewhere. Take your time, savour the wine, and enjoy the experience.

A Final Word

London\’s wine bar culture is vast, exciting, and unique. It caters to all tastes and budgets, with options ranging from low-key and cosy to luxurious and exclusive. We hope that this gives you a sampling of some of the best wine bars that London offers and encourages you to explore more of the city\’s bar culture.

Our Top Picks

– 28-50 Wine Workshop and Kitchen: for those seeking elegance and fine wine list
– The Remedy: for a cosy, hidden gem wine bar experience
– Green and Blue: for exploring organic and biodynamic wines in a relaxed setting
– Wilton\’s: for an exclusive, luxurious evening out
– Sager + Wilde: for reasonably priced yet high-quality wine coupled with a lively atmosphere
– 1780: for a small slice of France in the heart of Brixton
– Antidote Wine Bar: for experiencing natural funkier wines in a chilled-out Soho vibe

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