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Reading Time: [est_time] I love German Riesling and my go-to region is the Nahe. A drive through the small, winding roads of the Nahe gives way to vineyards that are as step and impressive as those in

gut hermannsberg

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I love German Riesling and my go-to region is the Nahe.

A drive through the small, winding roads of the Nahe gives way to vineyards that are as step and impressive as those in the Mosel and the Rheingau. Oberhausen is located at a small bend of the Nahe River and is home to some of those stellar vineyards.

The Kupfergrube (copper mine) Grosse Lage vineyard with Gut Hermannsberg in the backgroud

The village is home to one of Germany’s most famous producers, Dönnhoff, and an up and comer in Gut Hermannsberg. In 2009, Jens Reidel and Dr. Christine Dinse purchased the old Nahe State Domaine (which was established in 1902). They immediately renamed, renovated, and breathed new life into the winery.

Gut Hermannsberg

The wines are fairly new to me. Just last year in Berlin, I picked up a bottle of the Gut Hermannsberg, ‘7 Terroirs’ Riesling 2018. A purchase was purely coincidental, motivated solely by its origin of The Nahe.

Scratching our German Riesling itch. This beauty from Gut Hermannsberg is a blend of seven vineyards and is fermented…

Posted by Exotic Wine Travel on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Fast-forward a few months later and I finally get the chance to taste the Grosses Gewachs from the estate. The wines definitely taste of Nahe. The fruit is bright and ripe but still retains it’s ‘Rieslingness’ while the acidity is plentiful but not enamel-searing. The interplay of all these elements on the finish is what stands out the most.

The best part? These wines are very fairly priced and are sure to please all fans of Riesling. Here’s a look at some of the latest releases from Gut Hermannsberg.

  • Gut Hermannsberg, ‘7 Terroirs’ Riesling 2019

The Gut Hermannsberg, ‘7 Terroirs’ Riesling is the Gutswein from the estate and the fruit is sourced from all seven of Gut Hermannsberg’s vineyards. Classic notes of lemon, pineapple, mineral, and apple blossom. It’s expressive for an entry-level white wine and there’s a lot to offer here. Acidity is bracing but not too sharp, it’s a great way to get people into Riesling. The finish has a tangy interplay between the fruit and acid. For the price (around 11 euros in Germany, this deserves a slight uptick in the score. Score: 90/100 

  • Gut Hermannsberg, ‘Von Vulkan’ Riesling 2019

The Gut Hermannsberg, ‘Von Vulkan’ Riesling is an Ortswein (village wine) from the estate. The nose is a bit shy and not as expressive as I would like to see in a Riesling. The palate makes up for the shy nose. There are bright flavors of pineapple, lemon, white pepper, and white peach. It’s really like biting through a fresh fruit salad. Racy acidity that creates tension and energy on the palate. Score: 89/100

  • Gut Hermannsberg, ‘Hermannsberg Niederhausen GG’ Riesling 2018

The Gut Hermannsberg, ‘Hermannsberg Niederhausen GG’ Riesling is an expressive wine from Gut Hermannsberg’s monopole Grand Cru vineyard. This is the current release and is ready to go right out of the gate. Notes of white peach, lemon, white pepper, apple blossom, and a touch of petrol. Full, rich, and generous on the palate. The flavors check the boxes for a fine Riesling but it’s the multiple layers of texture that stand out here. The acidity is high but is very balanced considering that it is a Riesling. Long finish. Score: 93/100 

  • Gut Hermannsberg, ‘Steinberg Niederhausen GG’ Riesling 2019

The Gut Hermannsberg, ‘Steinberg Niederhausen GG’ Riesling has notes of white flower, cotton candy, lemon, and mineral notes. This has searing acidity that carries the citrus and yellow fruit notes. It’s a powerful wine that hasn’t come close to its peak yet. White pepper and mineral finish. Intense tension and length put this in the cellar for another ten years and watch the magic unfold. Score: 92+/100

  • Gut Hermannsberg, ‘Kupfergrube Schlossböckelheim GG’ Riesling 2015

The Kupfergrube site is a Grand Cru vineyard located on an old copper mine. This is a re-release of the wine. Hauntingly complex with notes of natural gas, dried pineapple, honey, dried lemon peel, and a touch of white flower. The palate is full of explosive stone fruit and mineral notes. The citrusy acidity stretches the length. It smells aged on the nose but fresh and crispy on the palate. It still has a long life ahead of it. Score: 94/100

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