Inama Cabernet Sauvignon Selezione 2009

Inama Cabernet Sauvignon Del Veneto Selezione 2009

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Inama, Cabernet Sauvignon Del Veneto Selezione 2009

Charine and I spent the first few months of 2019 in Singapore after two straight winters in Europe. The weather is much better than Europe over those months but the cost to drink is not. Wine is more expensive in Singapore thanks to the taxes and high costs of storage. Luckily, there are many talented importers in the country that hold warehouse sales before Chinese New Year.

We picked up this bottle at Ferrari Food + Wine, one of the bigger importers of Italian consumables in Singapore. After debating on several different bottles, this wine stood out for one simple reason – it’s an Italian Cabernet Sauvignon from a well known Soave producer. That fact alone is enough to get any wine geek’s spider sense to tingle.


Inama Cabernet Sauvignon del Veneto Selezione


The Inama Cabernet Sauvignon Del Veneto Selezione 2009 is full of dark fruit, licorice, tobacco, and mint notes. It is varietally true (you wouldn’t mistake it for Cabernet Sauvignon) but has a juiciness that is characteristic of Italian wines. It’s full on the palate with lots of texture and multiple layers of flavors. It’s Iand Italian Cab but is not similar to a Super Tuscan. Think of it as a mixture of Bordeaux nuances with Napa fruit and a tangy Tuscan finish.

This is for people who like bold but not jammy wines. It’s available around the world in the 60-80 USD range. It’s not cheap but could definitely outperform a lot of Bordeaux based wines in that price range.

Score: 93/100 (You can find out more about our scoring system on the WINE RATING page.)

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