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Milan Top 10 Restaurants

Italy has a long history of culinary excellence that attracts thousands of tourists each year. When it comes to gastronomy, Milan is among the most vibrant cities in the world. It\'s a place where fine

Italy has a long history of culinary excellence that attracts thousands of tourists each year. When it comes to gastronomy, Milan is among the most vibrant cities in the world. It\’s a place where fine dining meets regional traditions to offer a unique culinary experience. In this article, we\’ll give you an extensive list of the top 10 restaurants in Milan, along with relevant information, data, and insights from experts in the food industry. Whether you\’re a foodie looking for a memorable dining experience or a traveler seeking to explore Milan\’s culture, these restaurants will satisfy your appetite.

One of Milan\’s most renowned eating establishments is the Osteria del Treno. This restaurant dates back to 1933 and is a must-see for anyone looking to explore the city\’s history. The traditional Milanese menu features dishes inspired by the city\’s rich culinary traditions, such as Risotto alla Milanese, Cotoletta alla Milanese, and many more. The atmosphere here is cozy and unpretentious, and you can enjoy your meals in the restaurant\’s charming outdoor patio.

For those looking for a more modern twist on Milanese cuisine, the Michelin-starred Contraste restaurant is an excellent option. Here, the chef Matias Perdomo offers a contemporary take on traditional dishes, using fresh, seasonal ingredients to create a unique culinary experience for diners. Some of the restaurant\’s standout dishes include smoked sturgeon, black olives and capers and pigeon with carrot and ginger. It\’s not just about the food, the restaurant’s design creates a warm and inviting space with its artwork on the walls and the choice of furniture.

Cracco is one of the most famous restaurants in Milan, partly due to the chef Carlo Cracco\’s appearances on popular TV shows like Masterchef. The restaurant has a two-star Michelin rating and takes a creative approach to Italian cuisine. The restaurant’s signature dish is the Milanese Risotto with Saffron, which Cracco elevated to a higher level with his own touch of creativity. Besides, they offer amuse-bouche made from high-quality ingredients, bringing the experience to the next level.

For vegans and vegetarians, Joia is a must-visit restaurant in Milan. The chef Pietro Leemann\’s vegetarian menu has put him on the map, attracting diners from all over the world. He does not only prioritize taste but also health and sustainability, which differentiates his cuisine from others. Leemann uses local, organic ingredients to create a variety of dishes that challenge traditional cooking methods. One highlight is the Tofu Burger, made with sprouts and seasoned with curry and turmeric. It\’s a delightful dish where you won’t miss the meat.

Other Noteworthy Restaurants

Besides the above, there are many other excellent restaurants in Milan. Looking for an artistic blend of flavors? Visit InGalera, a restaurant located inside the Bollate prison. The chef Evelina Fraone runs the restaurant, offering dishes that capture the traditional Italian flavors with a modern interpretation. The meals are paired with a wine list that will make your taste buds dance and their feature dishes, such as the Beef Carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise or the lemon and bergamot panna cotta will have you salivate in anticipation.

If you fancy Asian cuisine, the Ramen House and their variety of Japanese noodle soup flavors could satiate your craving. Instead, if you want to dine with a breathtaking view of the city, the Terrazza Gallia restaurant at Excelsior Hotel is the one for you. They serve Mediterranean cuisine with a Milanese touch but it\’s the view that will make you forget everything but the delicious food.

La Bella Molinera is also a popular choice among the locals with its cozy, warm atmosphere and traditional dishes. Their homemade pasta is something to look forward to, and the most recommended is the Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli, which is a staple dish. The rustic feel paired with the candle-lit ambiance will make you feel like you\’re in a different era.

Finally, if you want a truly authentic Milanese dining experience, Da Abele is a no-frills option that will tickle your taste buds. They serve traditional dishes using only the highest quality ingredients, and the restaurant has a welcoming, familial feel. The Osso Buco Milanese they offer is praised by locals as the best in the city, so it\’s definitely worth the visit.


Milan is the perfect destination for all food enthusiasts, especially those passionate about Italian cuisine. With an abundance of restaurants offering unique twists to traditional dishes, exploring the city\’s culinary scene can be an adventure in itself. We have provided you with ten of the most remarkable restaurants in Milan, but there are plenty more out there. So why not make a reservation at one of these restaurants today, and experience the unique flavors and ambiance that Milan has to offer.

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