Monvemvasia Malvasia

Monemvasia Malvasia 2012

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Monemvasia, Malvasia 2012

We first met the owners of Monemvasia, Elli & George Tsibidis, in Croatia. They were both visiting the annual Vinistra show. We had dinner with them and our friend Ivica Matošević. Elli & George impressed us immediately with their enthusiasm.

Just a few months later, we met Elli & George again at the 2019 Balkans International Competition & Festival. At the festival, we had the chance to taste the entire portfolio from Monemvasia. Many of the wines impressed us, but one stole our hearts.

Historically, Greece was known in the past for exceptional sweet wines. That tradition carries that day, especially the beautiful Samos wines and Vinsantos from the island of Santorini. The latter are considered to be among the world’s greatest sweet wines. Monemvasia Winery isn’t located on the island of Samos or Santorini, but it does produce a wine to rival both.

The Monemvasia, Malvasia 2012 is straw dried for 12 days and aged for 24 months. This is a rustic, old school style of sweet wine. There are notes of dried fig, dried citrus fruit, walnuts, apricots, and toffee. The nose is incredibly complex. It’s rich and luscious on the palate but not heavy like I would expect. The toffee notes stand out here. This doesn’t have very high acidity but there is enough to wipe the palate clean. Long and complex finish, this has a long life in the cellar.

Score: 93/100

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