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Reims Champagne Houses Map

Reims is known for its magnificent cathedrals and its production of the finest champagne in the world. The Champagne region in France is celebrated worldwide for its bubbly wine and its rich legacy. In Reims,

Reims is known for its magnificent cathedrals and its production of the finest champagne in the world. The Champagne region in France is celebrated worldwide for its bubbly wine and its rich legacy. In Reims, visitors can now experience the history and the jewels of the Champagnes in one location using the Reims Champagne house\’s map.

The Reims Champagne map is a tool that helps visitors understand the producers that make some of the best sparkling wines in the world. The map provides detailed locations of the Champagne houses within the city, making it much easier to plan a visit.

While there are so many Champagne houses in Reims, it can be difficult to determine which ones to see. Thankfully, the map includes information that outlines the history of each house, their products, and the different experiences visitors can expect to have at these locations.

One of the many advantages of using the Reims Champagne house\’s map is that it helps visitors learn about the Champagne-making process. Interested individuals can watch how the champagne is filtered, bottled, and aged in the cellars during a tour.

Moreover, the map also provides some of the less-known Champagne producers in the Marguet or Savart region. These small vineyards may be lesser-known than the major Champagne producers, but they have fantastic wines that should not be overlooked.

Champagne is not just about swirling and sipping the bubbly wine. It is about learning the history of the land and the culture that has made it unique. Tasting more than one type of Champagne, spreading knowledge or engaging with locals is a great way to immerse oneself in the culture of the Champagne region.

One important note to bear in mind is that some Champagne houses have age restrictions, which means children may not be allowed entry. The Hillonne House in Verzenay, for instance, specifically lists that individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted to participate in the tastings.

The Magic of Pierre Moncuit

Some of the most sought-after Champagnes are made by Pierre Moncuit. Champagne Pierre Moncuit has vineyards in Mesnil-sur-Oger, one of the most prestigious Grand Cru vineyards in the region. It is as influential as Krug, Salon or Clos des Goisses but less of household name.

The map guides visitors to the aptly named Maison Pierre Moncuit in Mesnil-sur-Oger. The Moncuit family, who have been overseeing this house for over 125 years, have made wines that are unique in their texture, power, and distinct taste. The highly sought-after Pierre Moncuit’s champagne owes its luxury and quality to the Grand Cru vineyards in the village of Les-Mesnil-sur-Oger.

Step Back in Time at Taittinger

Taittinger, one of the most respected Champagne producers globally, is situated in the heart of Reims, encompassing the elegant historic buildings of the Abbey of Saint-Nicaise.

While digging to pave a parking lot adjacent to its Reims headquarters, Taittinger discovered the ruins of the 13th-century Abbey of Saint-Nicaise, leading to the creation of a unique opportunity to host a self-guided tour of the ruins.

Taittinger\’s house, popular for its \”La Francaise\” bottle, carries on the legacy of Pierre Taittinger in producing an outstanding bottle of bubbly with such tradition.

Experience G.H. Mumm

G.H. Mumm has the most extensive vineyards in Champagne, covering 218 hectares across 8 Grand Cru and 12 Premier Cru sites. The house overlooks the famous Avenue de Champagne in Epernay and transports visitors back to the time of its creation.

G.H. Mumm is notable for being one of the leading innovators of the French winemaking culture. Despite the modern techniques they utilize, the process of making Champagne still follows the strict regulations set centuries ago, which in itself an experience.

Visit Veuve Clicquot and Its Heritage

Veuve Clicquot, the world-famous champagne house, is located in Reims. Madame Clicquot, who was widowed at a young age, took over the Champagne house and has been actively involved in the industry.

Visitors to Veuve Clicquot marvel at the breathtaking structure of the champagne house and can jump back in time to learn about the history of how Madame Clicquot propelled her company to success. Veuve Clicquot is recognized for its Yellow Label Champagne, which is a go-to drink for celebratory events.

Discover Champagne De Castellane

Located in the heart of Epernay, Champagne De Castellane is one of the most visited champagne houses globally. It is the only champagne house with an actual tour via an elevator that transports visitors to the top level of the property, offering a sublime view of the region.

Castellane has an extraordinary hot air balloon-themed look, with giant corks and bottles adorning the property, which complements the unique experience of tasting their elegant wines. They offer a vast range of wines, both vintage and non-vintage, for guests to sample.

Understanding the Roots of Champagne

The Reims Champagne house\’s map is an excellent tool to help visitors to explore and understand the culture and legacy of Champagne. It can guide visitors through the maze-like region of Reims, with its many Champagne houses, to help them find the best vineyards and wines to try.

Reims is a place where visitors can indulge, taste, learn, and embrace the history of France’s most iconic region. When it comes to Champagne, there is no exception on the learning curve, which is all part of the pleasure of visiting Champagne.

The best way to experience this magnificent city and all its charms is to explore it with the Reims Champagne house\’s map in one hand and a glass of fizzy, sparkling wine in the other. Cheers!

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