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Top Restaurants in Aspen, Colorado

The city of Aspen, Colorado, is renowned as a haven for skiers and snowboarders from all over the world.   However, aside from the undeniable allure of the slopes, the city is also packed with culinary delights

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The city of Aspen, Colorado, is renowned as a haven for skiers and snowboarders from all over the world.


However, aside from the undeniable allure of the slopes, the city is also packed with culinary delights that are sure to tickle the taste buds of any visitor.


Aspen is home to a plethora of top-notch restaurants that boast skilled chefs, first-rate ingredients, and cozy environments to make diners feel right at home. One of the most popular is Matsuhisa, owned by celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa. This restaurant has been a hotspot for over three decades, offering exquisite sushi and other Japanese specialties.


Another beloved establishment is Element 47. Located inside the Little Nell Hotel, Element 47 has been awarded five stars by Forbes and numerous accolades from other publications. Chef Matt Zubrod creates innovative dishes using locally sourced ingredients that have been harvested in that very day.


Aspen is also home to a lively dining scene that caters to more casual dining. The White House Tavern, for example, is perfect for those who want tasty burgers and sandwiches in a relaxed setting. The restaurant offers a wide range of beer options and has a lively atmosphere.


According to the Aspen Chamber Resort Association, there are over 100 restaurants in the city, ranging from casual to fine dining establishments. This means that there is always an option for every budget and taste.


Aspen’s restaurant scene has been continuously evolving to cater for the growing demand of travelers. Recently, several new concepts have opened, which strives to offer organic, locally sourced farm-to-table cuisine.


Furthermore, if you want to learn more about Aspen’s delicious food and drink, the city has frequent events dedicated to culinary experiences. One of the most notable is the annual Aspen Food & Wine Classic, which takes place in June and features cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, and discussions with some of the world’s top chefs and sommeliers.


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The Best Cocktail Bars in Aspen

In addition to great restaurants, Aspen also boasts an array of excellent bars that serve up innovative and delicious cocktails. One of the must-visit spots is Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar, which offers an extensive list of classic drinks and original mixes.


Another popular destination is 39 Degrees, which is located in the W Aspen Hotel. 39 Degrees is known for its mojitos, boasting a unique approach to the classic Cuban cocktail. The bar has a cozy atmosphere that feels like you’re in someone’s living room.


But if you’re looking for something more exclusive, one of the best options is the Belly Up Lounge. This cocktail bar is known for its live music acts and offers first-rate drinks made with premium ingredients.


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The Best Brunch Spots in Aspen

Image of Ajax Tavern

Photo credit: Ajax Tavern


Aspen offers several brunch destinations that cater for all tastes, whether you want a casual, family-style meal or a more elegant experience. One of the best options is the Ajax Tavern, located at the base of Aspen Mountain. The restaurant offers an extensive menu that includes classic American brunch dishes with a twist, such as truffle fries and a board of artisanal cheeses.


The Little Nell Hotel also offers an interesting brunch menu that includes savory options such as a wagyu beef burger and sweeter dishes like banana bread French toast. The hotel’s pastry chef, Carry Becerra, creates many of the baked goods in-house, ensuring that everything is fresh and flavorful.


Another popular brunch spot is Poppycock’s Café, which prides itself on having fresh, high-quality ingredients. Their menu includes classic brunch staples such as eggs Benedict and waffles, and they also have vegetarian and gluten-free options.


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Aspen’s Coffee Culture

In addition to great restaurants and bars, Aspen also has a buzzing coffee scene. They offer a wide selection of coffee drinks, teas and a variety of gourmet bites.


And if you’re a fan of latte art, Ink! Coffee is the perfect spot for you. The shop prides itself on creating beautiful coffee art while also providing high-quality espresso-based drinks.


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Aspen’s Wine Scene

Image of food in Cache Cache

Photo credit: Cache Cache


Aspen has a lively wine scene, with numerous established restaurants and bars that boast extensive wine lists. One of the most popular is Cache Cache, which has been featured in Wine Spectator multiple times for its vast selection of international wines and a nice menu of complementing dishes.


Other notable places for wine lovers include the Caribou Club, which is a members-only establishment that has an extensive wine cellar that has been curated by a full-time sommelier.


Moreover, in the last few years, Aspen has been hosting several wine-focused events that highlight the city’s love for the grape. One of the most exciting is the annual Apres-ski Cocktail Classic that takes place in March, which features live music and seminars on wine and cocktails.

Aspen for Foodies

If you consider yourself a foodie, then Aspen is the perfect destination for you. With its vast array of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops to choose from, the city has something for every taste preference.


Foodies can also partake in a variety of culinary experiences in Aspen, such as wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, and food festivals like the Aspen Food & Wine Classic.


Furthermore, several local chefs offer cooking classes and workshops that are tailored to people of all skill levels, providing food enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to learn new culinary techniques and experiment with new ingredients in a fun environment.


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