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Best Restaurants In Healdsburg, California

Healdsburg, California, is a charming and idyllic town located in the heart of Sonoma County. With its numerous wineries, vineyards, and sprawling landscapes, the city of Healdsburg attracts visitors from all around the world. But

Healdsburg, California, is a charming and idyllic town located in the heart of Sonoma County. With its numerous wineries, vineyards, and sprawling landscapes, the city of Healdsburg attracts visitors from all around the world. But the town isn’t just known for its wine and its vast array of restaurants. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best restaurants in Healdsburg, CA.

SingleThread Farm

SingleThread Farm

Photo credit: SingleThread Farm


First up, we have SingleThread Farm. The restaurant is an artful culinary vision of husband and wife Kyle and Katina Connaughton. It is a unique combination of a farm, restaurant, and inn, offering guests an exceptional culinary experience. The farm spans 24 acres in the Dry Creek Valley and is dedicated to promoting biodiversity. The restaurant at SingleThread Farm has been recognized with three Michelin stars, making it one of the most prestigious dining destinations in the region.


SingleThread Farm is known for its commitment to sustainability and the use of local produce. The farm itself grows 70% of the produce used in the restaurant and employs organic farming practices. SingleThread takes the farm-to-table concept to new heights, offering a seasonal tasting menu showcasing the finest ingredients sourced from their own farm. The attention to detail and exceptional service and elegant ambiance are evident in every dish.


The restaurant offers an eleven-course, Kaiseki-style tasting menu that showcases the flavors of the season. The menu is inspired by the concept of 72 micro-seasons, capturing the best produce available at any given time. They use ingredients from their farm to create stunning dishes like Salt-Crusted Beet and Caviar or Sea Urchin and Lobster in a Dashi Broth.


In addition to the restaurant, SingleThread Farm also operates an inn, providing luxurious accommodations for guests. The inn offers a tranquil and intimate setting, fully immersing visitors in the farm-to-table experience. Guests can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, explore the farm, and indulge in the culinary delights prepared by the talented kitchen team. If you’re interested in experiencing SingleThread Farm, making reservations in advance is advisable, as it is a highly sought-after dining destination. For a truly extraordinary dining experience, SingleThread is an absolute must-visit.


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Photo credit: Valette


Valette is not merely a restaurant but a cherished culinary institution that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary techniques to craft innovative and visually stunning dishes. This extraordinary establishment is the brainchild of two brothers, Chef Dustin Valette and General Manager Aaron Garzini. Their shared passion for food and hospitality is evident in every aspect of Valette, from its warm and inviting atmosphere to its meticulously curated menu.


At Valette, locally sourced ingredients take center stage, allowing the vibrant flavors of Sonoma County to shine. From perfectly cooked steaks to imaginative small plates, each dish at Valette is a masterpiece in its own right. The culinary artistry displayed in their roasted pork chop with mustard greens, bacon, and pears or the renowned duck confit with golden beets, swiss chard, Marcona almonds, and bing cherries is unparalleled.


The restaurant serves as a canvas, highlighting the craftsmanship of local farmers, winemakers, and artisans. The exceptional food and outstanding service at Valette have garnered rave reviews. Furthermore, Valette’s reputation as a premier culinary destination in Healdsburg has been solidified by its recognition in the esteemed Michelin Guide.


Whether you are a local seeking a remarkable meal or a visitor searching for a memorable dining adventure, Valette is an absolute must-visit destination. Prepare to be captivated by the culinary artistry and warm hospitality that define this exceptional restaurant. Its rustic-chic wine country ambiance and focus on Californian cuisine make Valette a true gem among culinary destinations.


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Photo credit: Cyrus


Cyrus Restaurant, located in Geyserville, originally operated in Healdsburg, earning two Michelin stars before closing its doors in 2012. However, it reopened in Geyserville after undergoing a transformation. The new location features a stunning glass-concrete-steel structure situated above an acre of vineyards, providing panoramic views of the picturesque Alexander Valley.


The restaurant is known for its fine dining experience and is considered a gem in the region. The dining rooms are housed in a modern and coolly designed-space, offering a striking contrast to the surrounding vineyards. Cyrus is renowned for its world-class cuisine, crafted by the acclaimed Chef Douglas Keane. The restaurant has gained recognition for its culinary excellence, combining Chef Keane’s innovative techniques and creative flavors.


Cyrus Restaurant offers guests a unique experience in California Wine Country. It is known for its synergy of exceptional cuisine, beautiful architecture, and breathtaking views of Alexander Valley. Visitors can expect an elevated dining experience, focusing on seasonal ingredients, exquisite presentation, and a sophisticated atmosphere. Go for the Cyrus’ Dining Journey, a 17-course culinary adventure.


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Photo credit: Barndiva


Located in a historic building in downtown Healdsburg, Barndiva offers a unique dining experience that seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern sophistication. It offers modern country cuisine and serves as a cocktail lounge and wine bar. The establishment opened in 2004 and has gained popularity for its contemporary American and organic dishes.


Barndiva has a casually elegant dining style and is known for its farm-to-fork approach, utilizing locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant has received positive ratings and reviews for its attentive service and high-quality cooking. Whether you dine in the elegant dining room or the enchanting outdoor garden, you’ll have a memorable meal at Barndiva.


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Photo credit: Chalkboard


Tucked away in a historic building on Healdsburg’s bustling downtown plaza, Chalkboard is a contemporary American restaurant known for its innovative small plates and vibrant flavors. The menu at Chalkboard changes frequently to reflect the availability of seasonal ingredients, ensuring that each visit offers a new and exciting culinary experience.


The restaurant’s casual and convivial atmosphere makes it ideal for sharing plates and trying various dishes. With an extensive wine list showcasing local wines, Chalkboard is the perfect place to unwind and indulge in the flavors of Sonoma County.


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Diavola Pizzeria and Salumi

 Diavola Pizzeria & Salumeria

Photo credit: Diavola Pizzeria & Salumeria


Lastly, we have Diavola Pizzeria and Salumi. Nestled in a rustic brick building, this restaurant effortlessly captures the charm and warmth of a traditional Italian trattoria. As you step inside, the aroma of freshly baked pizzas, slow-roasted meats, and artisanal salumi immediately whets your appetite. Diavola Pizzeria and Salumi bring the essence of traditional Italian cuisine to the heart of Healdsburg.


They specialize in housemade cured meats, wood-fired pizza, and Italian small plates. From the classic Margherita adorned with fresh basil and mozzarella to the more adventurous creations like the Diavola with spicy salami and Calabrian chilies, each pizza offers a symphony of flavors that leave patrons craving for more.


Diavola takes great pride in its salumi, a hallmark of Italian gastronomy. The restaurant produces its own cured meats, following time-honored traditions and using high-quality ingredients. Visitors can sample an array of salumi options, including prosciutto, coppa, pancetta, and various regional sausages. The charcuterie boards at Diavola are a delightful feast for the senses, combining textures, flavors, and the distinct aromas of Italy.


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In conclusion, Healdsburg, CA, is a foodie’s paradise, offering endless culinary adventures for all taste buds. These restaurants are just a few of the countless options in Healdsburg. We hope this article inspired you for your next food expedition.



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