Hacaj Cuvee de Prestige

Hacaj Cuvée De Prestige Brut Nature 2014

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Hacaj Cuvée De Prestige Brut Nature 2014

The city of Pezinok is nestled in the heart of the Malokarpatská (Little Carpathian) wine region. The town is surrounded by rolling hills and prime vineyard space. There are dozens of producers in the village, making wines ranging from old-school and traditional to modern and clean.

Our one week stint through this region yielded many gems. We found one of those in a small cellar in downtown Pezinok. In this humble cellar, Jan Hacaj produces around 15,000 bottles of sparkling wine. annually. Mr. Hacaj produces all his sparklers with the Champagne Methode. He does nearly everything by hand. There aren’t any fancy riddling machines here and his disgorgement equipment is small and unremarkable.

Hacaj Vino

We’re usually not satisfied with Champagne Methode sparklers in emerging wine countries. There’s a good reason why Champagne is the benchmark for sparklers. For some reason, I trusted Mr. Hacaj would make good wine from the moment I met him. There was something calm and confident about the way he walked around his cellar.

Jan Hacaj

Mr. Hacaj started the tasting with his top wine, which was an interesting choice. As we sipped on the wine, he told us about his latest trip to Champagne and how he was inspired by the small producers. In the future, he’s confident that his sparklers can reach even higher levels of quality. From the lineup we tasted, he’s already doing a fine job.

Hacaj Cuvee De Prestige Brut Nature 2014

This is Hacaj Cuvée De Prestige Brut Nature 2014 is made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir aged on the lees for three years. By Slovak law, this wine is a Pestovateľský Sekt, which translates to Winegrower’s Sekt – the highest class of sparkling wine in the country. The wine has notes of white pear, melon, brioche, and oak. The flavors have a Champagne-like quality without the flintiness, fine bubbles, and searing acidity. It isn’t as rich and complex as vintage Champagne but it doesn’t have to be, it is delicious in its own right. The Cuvée De Prestige is very balanced for a brut nature and never feels too dry on the palate. 

4.0/5 (You can find out more about our scoring system on the WINE RATING page.)


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