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Slovenian red wine

Slovenian Red Wine

Slovenia is a tiny country sandwiched between Austria and Italy. For a country with such a small stature (area-wise), it over-delivers in terms of wine quality. It has nearly 22,000 hectares (54,000 acres) of land dedicated to vineyards, 70% of production is white wine. This doesn’t mean you should sleep on Slovenian red wine. Thanks …

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Why I Love Portuguese Wine

Why I Love Portuguese Wine

Unique wines at great price points produced/served by wonderful people. Couple that with a diverse range of growing conditions and there are real reasons to champion Portuguese wine. Portuguese Wine Distributor: Wine Concept During the Fall of 2019, I did a whirlwind two-week trip through Portugal. The trip started with the Douro Boys Auction followed …

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villanyi franc hungarian wine

Villányi Franc & Franc

Tokaj might be the most famous and world-renowned Hungarian wine region. But ask a local what region they want to visit for a wine holiday and many will answer Villány. Located in the south, Villány was the first region to begin the quest for quality after the fall of communism. They have worked hard to …

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