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6 Tips for Dream Vacation in Greece

While the nation of Greece is made up of more than 6,000 islands, fewer than 250 of them are inhabited. But don’t worry, those 250 really pack quite a punch for visitors. To enjoy a

Image of Santorini in Greece by Pixabay

While the nation of Greece is made up of more than 6,000 islands, fewer than 250 of them are inhabited. But don’t worry, those 250 really pack quite a punch for visitors. To enjoy a dream vacation in Greece, you will need to plan to enjoy some history, time on the water, at least a day on the beach, and a few guided or chartered tours.


Here are some tips to maximize your Greece vacation.

1) Plan a History Tour

A trip to the capital city of Athens must be on the list. Historically, this city has been the largest and most influential of Greece’s cities. It’s also the birthplace of democracy.


To soak in the culture, start with a guided tour of Athens’ ancient ruins. This will allow you to meet other travelers and explore the remarkable history of this beautiful nation. If you’re a sports fan, be sure to take a trip to the site of the first Olympic games.


Interested in Greek mythology? Then, you must visit the ancient temple of Zeus. You’ll enjoy plenty of sunny days on your trip to Greece, so make sure you plan a time to get out and stretch your legs.

2) Get on the Water

A great deal of travel around the islands of Greece is, of course, by boat. Don’t rush! Instead, plan ahead so you can overnight on different islands.


Book a slow yacht charter Greece and savor the luxury of traveling in comfort and style.


Your yacht charter can allow you to enjoy some evening entertainment without having to just visit the hotel bar. You may choose to see a show or stay in your quarters and watch a film. Luxurious travel in a yacht can be a terrific way to get some rest before you go home or unwind from the business of life at the start of your vacation.

Image of a close-up view of a boat deck

Photo credit: Peter Fazekas, Pexels.com

3) Make Time to Shop

Whether you plan to just pick up a keepsake or love to shop as part of your entertainment while on vacation, it’s a good idea to visit a laiki, or fruit and vegetable market, at some point in your travels.


These local markets are held on Fridays and are the lifeblood of many small communities. Keep an eye out for beauty products made with olive oil, spices and honey while on your search.


Locally sourced products may be easier to get home if you pay to have them shipped; limits on liquids in your luggage and the risk of breakage are worth considering.

4) Check Out the Beach

There are many ways to stay active and keep moving on the Greek isles, but it’s a good idea to choose at least one day to sit still on the sand. Perhaps you can choose to spend a few days on Milos and linger on the Sarakinico Beach.


If you’re of a mood to party, you can find a spot on the beaches of Greece. However, if you really went on vacation to wind down and stay put, then a trip to one of the more remote islands for a day or two could be the perfect fix.

5) Book Some Winery Tours

The climate of Greece is ideal for growing both grapes and olives, and the wines of Greece should be sampled. You can probably plan at least one winery tour on each of the islands you visit and enjoy the subtle variations available.

6) Seek Out Museums

If you’ve planned out a trip to Athens and a walking trip through ruins, make sure you also have time for some of the more modern museums of Greece. Thessaloniki offers access to modern art that you might not find on other islands or even on the mainland of Europe.


No matter what you prefer to do and see in your travels, make sure that you allow for plenty of downtime on your trip to Greece. A visit to the ancient culture of this island nation may leave you in a frenzy to see everything.


However, a day on the water and a day on the sand can keep you from planning a stressful or tiring vacation.

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