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Vineyards Worth Visiting on the Northern Spanish Coast

The Iberian peninsula has been producing wine for over three thousand years. It began with early Phoenician settlements and flourished following the Roman conquests. It was eventually outlawed under the Moors but picked up again

The Iberian peninsula has been producing wine for over three thousand years. It began with early Phoenician settlements and flourished following the Roman conquests. It was eventually outlawed under the Moors but picked up again soon after. This region is vast, hot, and perfect for producing all kinds of delicious wines. So, if you’re looking for something a little different from the hills of Tuscany or the amazing wineries in the Loire Valley, book some wine tours across the Northern coast of Spain, home to many of the world’s best wines.

Vineyards Near Barcelona

Many of the best vineyards and wineries in this region are a little out of the way. But Barcelona can still serve as the perfect foundation for wine tasting and exploration in Northern Spain. After all, it’s a major city, and it’s home to great white, red, rosé, cava, and fortified wines in the country. So, start your tour by familiarizing yourself with these wines and sampling some of Barcelona’s best foods, sights, and experiences at the same time. Here are a few places to visit in Barcelona:

  • La Vinya del Senyor: A cosy wine bar with a wide selection, this El Bon establishment has been around for half a decade. Grab yourself a glass or bottle of local wine and enjoy it on the terrace, which overlooks the Santa Maria del Mar church.
  • Agüita Wine Specialist: There are lots of small, family-run wineries in Spain, and Agüita Wine Specialist showcases the best of them. Support the local wine industry and sample some delicious tipples in the process.
  • Alkimia: For something a little different, drop by this Michelin-starred restaurant, which has one of the biggest selections of award-winning and sought-after wines. It’s a little pricey, as you might expect, but you’ll struggle to find better pairings of Spanish wine and food.
  • Bar Brutal: If you prefer your wine as natural and organic as possible, this is the place for you. It’s a rustic, no-nonsense wine bar with a host of naturally produced wines.

Vineyards Near Girona

After exploring the capital of Catalonia, you can head to another of this region’s cities, Girona. The train from Barcelona to Girona takes about an hour and a half, making for a short and cheap trip. Praised for its stunning medieval architecture, Girona is surrounded by enough wineries and vineyards to keep your tour going. Many of them are in Penedes, which is a short car/bus journey out of the city. The best options here include:

  • La Masía Torreblanca: Although it was founded in the 1400s, the origins of La Masía Torreblanca go back much further than that, with surroundings that date back to the Bronze Age. It uses three indigenous grape varieties and blends everything together to create excellent wines and cavas.
  • Bodegas Torre Del Veguer: A unique winery that produces many organic wines, including a selection of sought-after and award-winning bottles.
  • Eudald Massana Noya: A family-run winery that goes back many generations. It runs tours throughout the week, with lots of chances to taste locally produced wine.
  • Giró del Gorner Winery: A family business that produces Spanish cava and rosé, as well as premium red and white wines.
  • Jordi Lluch Winery: Surrounded by lush countryside, the Jordi Lluch Winery is perfectly placed to grow great wines. It spans 25 hectares of land and is one of the youngest in the region, having been established in 1984.

Vineyards Near Tarragona

Vinyes Del Terrer is a must-see in Tarragona. Located in Vila-Seca, a short distance away, it is a small 7-hectare estate that has been producing terroir-driven wines for over 20 years. The grapes are grown just a couple of miles from the Mediterranean Sea, capturing the taste of this historic region in every bottle. Mas Vicenç Winery is another winery that’s well worth a visit. Its history dates back to the 1950s, and it has remained part of the same family since then. The elevation and unique composition of the soil contributes to some fantastic wines, including varieties such as Garnacha, Macabeu, and Chardonnay. Finish your tour by enjoying a fine red wine at Biopaumera, a vineyard that spans just two hectares (half of which are devoted to Grenache grapes), or Casa Vermouth Padró, which runs tours that take you through a fascinating history of wine in the region.

Summary: Exploring Vineyards and More in Northern Spain

One of the great things about exploring the wineries of Spain is that you’re never too far from great weather and delicious food. You can enjoy traditional Spanish fare like paella, tapas, patatas bravas, and gazpacho while you sit in the sun and sip your vino!

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