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Best Wine Bars On The Upper East Side

The Upper East Side of Manhattan is a coveted neighborhood that has some great and vibesy wine bars, excellent restaurants, and high-end boutique shops that satisfy the cosmopolitan wine vibe of New York City. Wine

Featured image of interior decor of Felice 64 wine bar

The Upper East Side of Manhattan is a coveted neighborhood that has some great and vibesy wine bars, excellent restaurants, and high-end boutique shops that satisfy the cosmopolitan wine vibe of New York City. Wine bars are becoming increasingly popular in the area, and many of them offer exquisite varieties of wine from across the world. After diving deep into the scene, we’ve uncovered 15 of the best wine bars in the area, each with its own unique charm. This guide is your ticket to discovering your next favorite wine bar.

Best Wine Bars on the Upper East Side

Here is our list of some of the best wine bars on the Upper East Side:


  • Kaia Wine Bar,
  • Felice 64,
  • The Mark Bar,
  • Bemelmans Bar,
  • The Jeffrey,
  • Serena’s Wine Bar,
  • Earl’s Beer & Cheese,
  • Uva,
  • Vero Social,
  • The Milton NYC.


Let’s find out more about these top spots to savor fine wine on the Upper East Side.

Kaia Wine Bar

Bunch of people at the relax atmosphere inside the Kaia Wine Bar

Photo credit: Kaia Wine Bar


Address: 1614 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10128

Phone: +1 212-722-0490



We love exploring unique spots, and Kaia Wine Bar stands out on the Upper East Side. It’s the city’s only South African-focused wine bar. They offer over 50 by-the-glass wine pours. Offering a menu that changes with every season, it features farm-to-table small plates, craft beers, as well. Cocktail menu is great too and they serve fresh oysters, which we adore. With a relaxed ambiance, it’s ideal for casual dining or low-key date nights. The bar’s operating hours vary throughout the week, typically from late afternoon into the evening, and it offers outdoor seating options. Moving on from Kaia Wine Bar’s unique offerings—Felice 64 awaits with its Italian charm.

Felice 64

Interior of a Felice 64 wine bar with people socializing

Photo credit: Felice 64

Address:1166 1st Ave., New York, NY 10065


Felice 64 is a trendy wine bar offering Italian wines and dishes in a cozy, romantic setting. Its classy vibe and affordable prices make it unique. Founded in 2007 under SA Hospitality Group, Felice is renowned for its warm ambiance, curated selection of Italian wines and Tuscan-inspired menu. The restaurant offers a traditional Italian cuisine experience, featuring dishes such as pasta, fish, and other Italian favorites.


Felice 64 provides a cozy atmosphere with subdued lighting, exposed brick walls adorned with wine shelves, and a rustic yet date-friendly setting. It is known for its extensive wine list, including notable offerings like Super Tuscans and Chiantis. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Felice 64 provides a relaxed dining experience showcasing authentic Italian flavors. The menu offers a selection of traditional Italian cuisine, including pasta dishes like linguine, spaghetti, and ravioli, often served with flavorful sauces such as marinara, alfredo, or pesto. Seafood options are also available, featuring fresh catches like salmon, shrimp, or clams, prepared in classic Italian styles.

Bemelmans Bar

Interior decor of Bemelmans Bar

Photo credit: Bemelmans Bar


Address: 35 E 76th St, New York, NY 10075, 

Phone:+1 212-744-1600


Bemelmans Bar is a renowned cocktail lounge and piano bar located in The Carlyle Hotel on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. As you step into this iconic establishment, you’re greeted by its mesmerizing murals and live piano music that create an enchanting ambiance. This iconic establishment opened its doors in the 1940s and has since maintained its timeless allure. Named after Ludwig Bemelmans, the author and illustrator of the beloved Madeline children’s books. The bar boasts distinctive Art Deco decor, including whimsical murals featuring characters from the Madeline series. The bar features an extensive wine and cocktail list that pairs well with its jazz music, which is played every night. It is an ideal spot to unwind after a long day or to catch up with friends. Additionally, the bar offers live entertainment, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

The Mark Bar

Address: Madison Avenue at 77th St, New York, NY 10075,

Phone: +1 212-606-3030


The Mark Bar is a stylish meeting spot located within The Mark Hotel in New York City. Designed by Jacques Grange and featuring specially made furnishings by Guy de Rougemont and Vladimir Kagan, The Mark Bar offers a chic and lively atmosphere for patrons. It serves as a popular gathering place known for its elegant ambiance and sophisticated clientele. The bar is part of The Mark Hotel, a luxury 5-star establishment situated near Central Park on Madison Avenue. Whether you’re stopping by after work or meeting friends over the weekend, their happy hour specials are guaranteed to please any palate.

The Jeffrey

People socializing inside the The Jeffrey Bar

Photo credit: The Jeffrey


Located between Bemelmans Bar and Serena’s Wine Bar, we find The Jeffrey. Known for its carefully curated wine and beer selection, this spot offers a cozy yet vibrant ambiance, making it perfect for unwinding with friends or enjoying a casual evening out. It’s a popular establishment offering a unique blend of craft beers and delectable bites, it has garnered praise from both locals and visitors alike. With a cozy atmosphere and a diverse selection of wines, and beers on tap, The Jeffrey is a go-to spot for enthusiasts looking to explore new tasting experiences. Its menu features a variety of beverage options, accompanied by tasty bites, making it an ideal destination for casual gatherings or laid-back evenings out.

Serena’s Wine Bar

Interior decor of a Serena's Wine Bar

Photo credit: Serena’s Wine Bar


Serena’s Wine Bar boasts a great wine list, complete with a variety of options to cater to every palate. It offers a unique selection of high-quality wines along with Italian small plates and meal-sized salads. The atmosphere is described as warm and laid-back, providing patrons with a comfortable setting to enjoy their wine and food. For those seeking more than just a place for drinks, Serena’s Wine Bar is the perfect choice. Offering a cozy ambiance and top-notch service, this hidden gem in the Upper East Side is designed to enhance your night out. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to unwind after work or planning a special evening out, Serena’s Wine Bar has something tailored for everyone.

Earl’s Beer & Cheese

Creative interior decor of a Earl's Beer and Cheese Bar

Photo credit: Earl’s Beer and Cheese


Address: 1259 Park Ave, New York, NY 10029

Phone: +1 212-289-1581


Situated in East Harlem, Earl’s Beer & Cheese offers a laid-back and cozy atmosphere. Known for its excellent selection of beer and food featuring cheese, this spot is ideal for those seeking a relaxed and casual setting to unwind. It’s a must-visit bar for anyone looking to enjoy great brews and tasty bites in an unassuming environment. Founded by sibling co-owners Mike and Gina Cesari, Earl’s offers a unique dining experience with a cozy, backwoods ambiance. The menu features a variety of dishes that highlight the pairing of beer and cheese. The establishment has garnered recognition as one of New York’s premier destinations for indulging in quality cheese and craft beer. Check our guide to some of the best wine and cheese bars in NYC.


Interior decor of Uva bar

Photo credit: Uva


Uva, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, is a renowned Italian restaurant offering a warm and relaxed atmosphere coupled with quality Italian cuisine. The restaurant offers a large and diverse wine list, making it a favorite among wine enthusiasts. With its cozy, rustic ambiance, Uva attracts lively crowds who come to enjoy its small plates and extensive wine selection. The restaurant also features a patio and back garden, providing additional charm and appeal. Whether you’re seeking a cozy date night or an evening of unwinding with friends, Uva’s enchanting atmosphere and wide-ranging wine options make it the perfect destination.

Vero Social

Interior decor of a Vero Social bar

Photo credit: Vero Social


Address: 1149 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10065

Phone:+1 917-525-7373


Transitioning from the vibrant and charming Uva, we find ourselves drawn to the sophisticated allure of Vero Social – a standout wine bar in the heart of the Upper East Side.  It’s known for its cozy atmosphere and selection of wines. The establishment offers a variety of wine options, with some available by the glass. Embracing its distinct ambiance and offerings, Vero Social stands out as one of the top wine bars with an array of natural and responsibly sourced ingredients. Vero Social is not merely serving wines; it’s a must-visit destination for those seeking a sophisticated drinking experience.

The Milton NYC

Interior decor of the Milton NYC

Photo credit: The Milton NYC


Offering a luxurious experience without breaking the bank, The Milton NYC is one of the finest wine bars on the Upper East Side. Situated in The Carlyle, a Rosewood Hotel, it exudes true Upper East Side luxury while also offering unique features that set it apart from other bars in the area. Known for its extensive wine list and diverse drink selection, The Milton NYC invites patrons to savor a wide array of exquisite wines within its elegant ambiance.


With its distinct character and unparalleled appeal, this upscale venue caters to those who appreciate fine wines as well as those in search of an extraordinary overall experience. t has garnered a reputation as both a neighborhood favorite and a destination on the Upper East Side. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience with handcrafted dishes that appeal to a wide range of tastes. Patrons can enjoy a variety of libations and sustenance, including brunch, lunch, and dinner options. The ambiance and menu selection have contributed to Milton’s status as a sought-after dining spot in the area.


People socializing inside the Bondurants bar

Photo credit: Bondurants


Address: 303 E 85th St, New York, NY 10028

Phone:+1 929-279-1884


Bondurants is a rustic bar that thrives on its vintage decor and natural wood finishes. They offer a laid-back vibe with a good wine list. Bondurants is also known for its craft beer and bourbon selection, with an extensive whiskey collection of over 130 bottles. Additionally, it serves a variety of dishes, including brunch options. What sets Bondurants apart is the emphasis on low-intervention winemaking, which translates to organic and biodynamic wines. Their menu includes a selection of light bites, and if you are feeling adventurous, ask their bartender to mix up one of their handcrafted cocktails.

Where to Stay on the Upper East Side

Here are ten best places to stay on the Upper East Side of New York City:

  • The Lowell Hotel: A sophisticated boutique hotel with upscale amenities and a charming atmosphere.
  • Loews Regency: Combines luxury and convenience with upscale accommodations, world-class dining, and a central location on the Upper East Side.
  • The Pierre, A Taj Hotel: Offers the epitome of luxury with stunning accommodations, impeccable service, and a prime location.
  • The Gardens Sonesta ES Suites: Provides a boutique-style stay with modern comforts and personalized service.
  • Courtyard New York Manhattan: Offers comfortable rooms and convenient amenities at affordable rates.
  • The Mark Hotel: Known for its lavish accommodations, stylish design, and world-class amenities.
  • The Sherry-Netherland: Iconic boutique hotel known for its timeless elegance and historic charm. 
  • voco The Franklin: Known for its value-for-money accommodations and convenient location.

These boutique hotels offer unique experiences, personalized service, and stylish accommodations, making them popular choices for travelers seeking a more intimate and upscale stay in the Upper East Side.

Exploring Upper East Side Wine Bars on a Budget

Explore Upper East Side wine bars on a budget through top NYC food and drink tours, happy hour specials, wine flights, and BYOB options. If looking for more bar options, head to our article covering top bars in Uptown Manhattan.

Happy hour specials

Enjoy fantastic happy hour specials at Upper East Side wine bars. Festival Cafe offers drinks crafted with natural, responsibly sourced ingredientsThe Bar Room has a solid happy hour from 3-6 PM daily, while Third Avenue Ale House entices with enticing specials, including happy hour deals. Satisfy your palate and learn about the amazing wine options available to you in this vibrant area.

Wine flights and tastings

When exploring wine bars in the Upper East Side, consider trying wine flights and tastings for a delightful experience. This allows you to sample various wines in smaller pours, perfect for discovering new flavors and finding your preferences. These experiences are perfect for both seasoned aficionados as well as those new to the world of wine. At many wine bars in the Upper East Side, you can enjoy expert-led tastings that offer insights into different types of wines, their origins, and ideal food pairings. This educational aspect enhances not only your knowledge but also your appreciation for the intricate art of winemaking.

BYOB options

If you’re looking to bring your favorite bottle of wine, some Upper East Side wine bars offer BYOB options. This means you can savor your preferred wine while enjoying the ambiance and offerings at select locales. You may want to check with the specific bar beforehand as policies might vary. Some venues allowing Bring Your Own Bottle experiences include Earl’s Beer & Cheese, where you can complement their delectable fare with a chosen personal bottle. Additionally, Uva also extends this option for those desiring a personalized touch to their experience – perfect for those who know precisely what they love in a glass of fine wine.

How to Enjoy Wine on the Upper East Side

Enjoying wine in the Upper East Side brings relaxation and socialization, supports local businesses, and enhances the dining experience. Or uncover the best Upper East Side tours and tickets. Explore how wine adds charm to this vibrant neighborhood.


  • Relaxation and socialization: Wine bars in the Upper East Side offer a charming ambiance for relaxation and socialization. The elegant settings create an ideal spot to unwind after a long day, allowing guests to connect with friends or meet new people over a glass of exquisite wine. The sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere encourages conversation and fosters a sense of community, making it an enjoyable experience for anyone seeking a laid-back evening among like-minded individuals.
  • Supporting local businesses: Wine bars in the Upper East Side offer a sophisticated atmosphere and value for money, while also supporting local businesses in the area. Festival Cafe, Auction House, and The Bar Room are known for their unique offerings using responsibly sourced ingredients and generous happy hour deals. Additionally, bars like The Five Lamps, Doc Watson’s, and Third Avenue Ale House contribute to supporting local businesses through cozy atmospheres and extensive beer selections. Kaia Wine Bar, Keys & Heels, and AOC East also support local businesses with their specialty South African wines, and bespoke cocktails.
  • Enhancing the dining experience: Enhancing the dining experience at wine bars elevates our enjoyment, creating unforgettable moments with every sip and bite. Pairing exquisite wines with delectable dishes enriches our palates and fosters a convivial atmosphere.
  • Exploring diverse wine options: Understanding the nuances of different wines unlocks a world of possibilities, from crisp whites to robust reds. The art of food pairing enhances each sip, bringing out layers of flavor and enhancing the overall dining experience. Engaging in lively conversation while enjoying carefully curated wine selections creates an ambiance that is both relaxed and sophisticated.


Q1. What makes a wine bar on the Upper East Side stand out?

The best wine bars on the Upper East Side shine because of their exclusive selections, upscale ambiance, and top-rated service. They offer fine wines from around the world, including rare finds like Oltrepo Pavese, paired with gourmet dishes that elevate the experience.

Q2. Can I find trendy wine bars on the Upper East Side that also serve food?

Absolutely! Many wine bars in this area are known not just for their extensive wine lists but also for their delicious menu options. From Thai dishes with perfect dryness to Basque sauces that tantalize your taste buds—there’s something for every palate.

Q3. How do I choose among popular wine spots on the Upper East Side?

Start by looking at reviews on platforms like OpenTable, Inc., where you can get insights from other patrons about their experiences. Consider what matters most to you—is it exclusivity, variety of wines offered, or perhaps an establishment’s approach to pairing food and drink? Then make your choice!

Q4. Are there any notable wine bars on the Upper East Side suitable for special occasions?

Yes, there are! The area has several upscale establishments perfect for celebrating milestones or enjoying intimate evenings out. These fine wine bars often feature unique vintages and exceptional service, making your special occasion even more memorable.

Q5. Do these top-rated wine bars cater to specific tastes or preferences?

Certainly—they pride themselves on catering to a wide array of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a fan of robust reds or prefer lighter whites; whether you enjoy experimenting with new flavors or stick to tried-and-true favorites; there’s definitely a spot for you here.


Visiting wine bars in the Upper East Side doesn’t have to be a costly affair. There are numerous ways to enjoy a glass of wine without breaking the bank. We suggest starting with visiting some of the bars listed in this article, as a way to discover personal preferences. Additionally, take advantage of their happy hour specials or BYOB options for those enjoying wine on a budget. Whether you’re drawn by Kaia Wine Bar’s South African gems or Bemelmans Bar’s historic charm—the Upper East Side has something to offer for every palate seeking quality and ambiance above all else.


If you need more tips on what to do when visiting NYC, consider exploring and checking out some of the best outdoor activities, NYC tours, sightseeing, and cruises. Or pay a visit to famed nearby wine destinations and visit wineries in the Finger Lakes region, known for its top-quality wines. Additionally, check out Millesima New York for a guide to the best wine shops in the city.


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