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A Foodie’s Guide To Bellagio, Como: Ultimate Restaurants Guide

A trip to Bellagio, located in the stunning surroundings of Lake Como, can only be complete when you have savored the food offered in the town. As a foodie, you must be on the lookout

Featured image of La Terrazza Lake Como restaurant view

A trip to Bellagio, located in the stunning surroundings of Lake Como, can only be complete when you have savored the food offered in the town. As a foodie, you must be on the lookout for the best restaurants in the area. Fortunately, Bellagio, known for its natural beauty, has managed to preserve its magnificent landscape and also become a gastronomic paradise. In this foodie’s guide, we take you through some of the best restaurants around Bellagio and what makes them stand out. In summary, the best restaurants in Bellagio are


Bellagio is a picturesque town located in the Como Province in the Lombardy region of Italy. It’s considered one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, with its distinct architecture, stunning natural surroundings, and historical buildings. Bellagio is famous for its traditional cuisine, and the town is situated on the shores of Lake Como, providing fantastic and unforgettable panoramic views.


We’ve all had those moments—you’re strolling through the charming streets of Bellagio, with your cravings setting the pace. You’re in search of that perfect bite, a meal to capture the essence of Italy itself, but oh boy—the choices can be overwhelming! Picking out where to sit down and dine is like trying to choose your favorite star in a sky full of diamonds. You’re not just after some shallow eat, you want a feast for the senses that’ll have you reminiscing long after you’ve left.


We’ve scoured every cobblestone corner and savored dish after dish—think of us as your culinary compass. From homey trattorias nestled on side streets with recipes as old as time to cutting-edge Michelin wonders turning dining into performance art. Our handpicked guide is packed with juicy tidbits that even those born and raised here might not let slip. Ready for an epicurean escapade? Let’s take a bite out of Bellagio!

Best Restaurants in Bellagio

If you’re looking for the best dining experience in Bellagio, then you’re in for a treat. From fine dining to casual menus, there’s something for every palate in this charming town.


Image of food prepared at Mistral restaurant

Photo credit: Mistral


If you are looking for a more upscale dining experience, then Mistral will exceed your expectations. The restaurant is located on Via Roma and offers an exceptional view of the lake. The menu covers international cuisine, including seafood delicacies, meat, and vegetarian dishes served in a modern and elegant setting. Mistral is also renowned for its extensive wine list featuring exclusive Italian, French, and many internationally known wines. Executive Chef Ettore Bocchia leads this renowned establishment, known for its top-notch cuisine crafted from the finest ingredients.


The tasting menu draws inspiration from centuries of Italian culinary history, elevating the dining experience to new heights. Known for breathtaking views and high-quality dining, Mistral has left a lasting impression on many gourmet enthusiasts, cementing its status as one of Bellagio’s best dining destinations. Situated in close association with Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni further adds to Mistral’s allure among food enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled gastronomic adventure in Bellagio. In our opinion, Mistral is definitely worth savoring while exploring the culinary delights of the Bellagio and Como area.

La Goletta

Nestled within the scenic Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio (as Mistral, previously mentioned!), La Goletta is an informal restaurant that offers breathtaking views of Lake Como while delighting foodies with its traditional Italian cuisine.


With a particular emphasis on seafood, the restaurant stands out for its delectable la carte first courses and main dishes. Renowned for its impeccable service and food quality, La Goletta remains a prime attraction in our guide to experiencing the best dining spots in Bellagio. Immerse yourself in an exquisite dining experience at La Goletta as you savor rich buffets featuring tantalizing starters and sumptuous desserts against the backdrop of Lake Como.

La Terrazza Lake Como

La Terrazza Lake Como offers a bright room with a stunning table overlooking the picturesque lake, delivering an exquisite dining experience. With an expert chef and sommelier to guide you through seasonal dishes and sensational wines, the restaurant promises to secure a gourmet experience.


Known for its fine dining experience, La Terrazza crafts a unique menu using fresh organic ingredients, including locally sourced fish from Lake Como and artisanal cheese. Notably suitable for families, this culinary gem associated with Hotel Belvedere Bellagio brings you the best of Italian cuisine amid the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Como.

La Cucina della Marianna

Located in Griante, La Cucina della Marianna is a charming family-run restaurant offering a limited but impeccably prepared menu. Foodies can relish an unforgettable dining experience on the shaded terrace overlooking the picturesque Lake Como and Bellagio. Operated by Valentini Tiziano & C. Sas, the restaurant is known for its non-fixed menu, which changes daily, featuring dishes like lasagna, timbales, and more.


Described as a “tiny little bit of heaven,” this culinary gem promises joyous dining with its focus solely on delectable dishes—a firm favorite among visitors to the region. Renowned as one of Bellagio’s premier dining establishments, La Cucina della Marianna embodies the flavors of the local cuisine, serving up a unique gastronomic escapade not to be missed.

La Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi

Image of Risotto at La Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi restaurant

Photo credit: La Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi


After exploring the delightful offerings at La Cucina della Marianna, we found ourselves drawn to the enchanting La Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi. Nestled within the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, this gem treats visitors to mesmerizing views of the Bellagio peninsula.


It’s a modern homage to Gualtiero Marchesi, hailed as the pioneer of contemporary Italian cuisine. This restaurant is celebrated for presenting a seasonal menu brimming with authentic Italian fare alongside Gualtiero Marchesi’s signature dishes. We are amazed by its exceptional food, impeccable service, and captivating atmosphere, it’s an essential stop for gourmands visiting Bellagio.

Sottovento Lago di Como

After indulging in the culinary delights at La Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi, our next stop is Sottovento. This restaurant is renowned for its association with the best dining experiences in Bellagio. Sottovento offers a cozy ambiance and serves typical dishes of the local tradition that showcase the rich cultural heritage of this scenic region. It’s a must-visit spot for food enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in the flavors of Bellagio. Sottovento resides amongst some of the top restaurants, blending taste and authenticity with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that captures the essence of Italian hospitality.

Visteria in Varenna

Visteria Restaurant, located in Varenna near Bellagio, offers a delightful culinary experience with its refined Mediterranean cuisine and stunning views of Lake Como. The restaurant offers an exquisite tasting menu featuring six courses for €135, providing gourmet enthusiasts with an opportunity to savor a variety of meticulously prepared dishes.


Situated at Hotel Royal Victoria, Visteria Restaurant offers guests a perfect setting to indulge in gastronomic delights while admiring the picturesque surroundings of Lake Como. The ambiance is complemented by a wisteria-laden trellis, creating a charming atmosphere for a memorable dining experience. Whether dining indoors or outdoors, you can expect attentive hospitality and a menu curated with care, reflecting a dedication to culinary excellence.

Ristorante Bilacus

Image of food served in Ristorante Bilacus

Photo credit: Ristorante Bilacus


The historic Ristorante Bilacus is located on the famous Salita Serbelloni steps. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Bellagio, and its traditional cuisine, as well as its location, make it a must-visit restaurant. The restaurant’s name, “Bilacus,” derives from Latin, meaning “two lakes,” which aptly reflects its picturesque location between Lake Como and Lake Lecco. Offering an authentic Italian culinary experience, Ristorante Bilacus is celebrated for its exquisite dishes, attentive service, and charming ambiance. The menu features a range of traditional Italian dishes, including lake fish and homemade pasta, cheese ravioli, arrabbiata, and scaloppine pizzaiolo, all prepared with fresh local ingredients. The restaurant also offers a carefully selected list of local wines to pair with your meal.

Casa Aquadulza

Casa Aquadulza, located in Tremezzina, has been making waves with its unique dining experience since 2013. This gem in Bellagio offers a diverse array of options, from delectable platters to gourmet pizza – a haven for foodies seeking something special. Not just that, but Casa Aquadulza is also known for its craft beer selection; it all started as a craft beer producer back in 2013. It’s definitely the go-to spot for those wanting to taste something different in the Tremezzina area and it remains one of the top restaurants not only in Bellagio but across all Lake Como.

L’Escale Trattoria & Wine Bar

After exploring the delectable offerings at Visteria, we can’t help but be drawn to the renowned L’Escale Trattoria & Wine Bar. Situated within the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, it promises not only delicious dishes but also an immersive experience into the local flavors and hospitality. It celebrates the essence of Italian trattoria and enoteca, offering a culinary experience characterized by authentic Italian cuisine with a modern twist.


The ambiance is relaxed and charming, set in a renovated wine cellar and a picturesque veranda. The menu showcases a variety of starters, main courses, desserts, and special menus, carefully curated to delight diners with the flavors of Italy. Additionally, the wine selection is extensive, featuring some of the finest labels to complement the culinary offerings.

Salice Blu

Image of a food served at Salice Blu restaurant

Photo credit: Salice Blu


Salice Blu, located on Via Per Lecco pays close attention to the fine details of every meal served. The Michelin-starred restaurant led by Chef Luigi Gandola, Salice Blu offers fine dining coupled with warm hospitality and offers an exceptional dining experience. The menu changes frequently, reflecting the kitchen’s creativity and the use of seasonal ingredients. The restaurant has an impressive wine list with vintage bottles, which perfectly complement the exquisite food served.


In summary, Bellagio has no shortage of gastronomic delights. Whether you are looking for a casual dining experience or an upscale meal, Salice Blu offers it all. The excellent service, quality ingredients, and stunning location all contribute to the unique dining experience you will not forget.

Polentoteca Chalet Gabriele

Polentoteca Chalet Gabriele is a rustic restaurant located in harming Piano Rancio, a small village at the foot of Mount San Primo, near Bellagio that offers a delightful culinary experience with its authentic local mountain dishes. The establishment features a characteristic ambiance with stone and wood décor, offering two dining rooms for patrons. The restaurant serves dishes typical of the region, with a focus on polenta-based meals.


Known for its cozy ambiance and warm hospitality, this restaurant has secured its place among the best Italian dining spots in Bellagio. Visitors can savor typical regional delicacies while relishing the unrivaled terrace view, making it an ideal choice for not just casual dining but also special events like weddings. Consider adding this gem to your list of must-visit eateries when exploring the delectable food scene in Bellagio!

Bar & Bistrot Vittoria

Bar & Bistrot Vittoria is a renowned establishment located in Griante, along the picturesque shores of Lake Como. This bistro offers a delightful dining experience with its charming patio situated right above the water, providing stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The ambiance is enhanced by the presence of tree vines growing over the trellis, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. While the menu features a variety of dishes, including local specialties like pinza, it’s worth noting that prices can be on the higher side.

La Punta Restaurant

La Punta Restaurant is located on Via Eugenio Vitali and offers an unforgettable dining experience with its unparalleled view of Lake Como. You can expect a menu that celebrates the flavors of Italian cuisine while highlighting the freshest local ingredients. The menu features a variety of dishes ranging from traditional favorites to innovative creations, providing something to satisfy every palate. We recommend spinach ravioli and veal chops. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose from the extensive wine list and guide you through your dining experience.

Trattoria San Giacomo

Trattoria San Giacomo, a charming eatery dating back to 1973, beckons us with its classic Italian cuisine and warm ambiance. The restaurant has earned a loyal following throughout Italy, testament to its delightful dishes. Here, the tiramisu takes center stage as one of the best in Bellagio, and their commitment to using fresh local produce – including delectable handmade pasta – speaks volumes about their dedication to quality.

Enoteca Cava Turacciolo

Enoteca Cava Turacciolo, a hidden gem in Bellagio, captures the essence of an Italian wine bar with its charming cellar setting and a remarkable collection of over 600 wine labels. This cozy restaurant is known for its delightful local cold cuts and cheeses that wonderfully complement the extensive wine selection featuring both local and Italian varieties. A must-visit for foodies and wine lovers!

Best Seafood Restaurants in Bellagio

Ristorante Alle Darsene di LoppiaIttiturismo Ristorante Mella, and Antico Pozzo Ristorante are known for serving delightful seafood in Bellagio. La Baia and La Breva also stand out as top picks for those craving the freshest catch of the day. These restaurants offer a range of sumptuous seafood dishes, from classic Italian preparations to innovative culinary creations. Their lakeside locations provide an enchanting ambiance that complements the delightful dining experience.

The Rising Popularity of Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Bellagio

We all want that taste of luxury, right? Picture dining under the stars with a view of Lake Como. That’s what you get at Michelin-starred spots in Bellagio. These restaurants are hot tickets now. People can’t stop talking about them on social media platforms, from Instagram to Twitter.


Fancy dishes and top-notch sommeliers come standard here. We’re seeing more folks flock to these places for their Italian feasts. They don’t just serve food; they create art on your plate. Every bite is like a trip across Italy’s finest flavors. It’s not just about filling up; it’s an experience that dances on the taste buds and sticks in your memory long after you’ve left the table. Chefs at these eateries aren’t just cooks—they’re celebrities in aprons! You’ll see them crafting magic with local ingredients, making sure every dish tells a story of tradition and innovation.


And let’s not forget those desserts—oh boy! They could make anyone break their diet without feeling guilty.. well, almost guilt-free! Believe us when we say, pulling up a chair at one of Bellagio’s Michelin-starred tables is like snagging front-row seats at Fashion Week—it’s where everyone wants to be seen right now! With each year passing by, more stars shine over Bellagio as new restaurants earn their stripes—or should we say ‘stars’? The town glows brighter in the gastronomic sky, tempting diners from near and far. So next time you’re hunting for an unforgettable meal by Lake Como, consider booking one of these culinary heavyweights early—the buzz isn’t dying down anytime soon!

Other Things to Do in Bellagio and Nearby Cities

Don’t miss out on taking a food tour to discover the local cuisine, exploring the Michelin Guide selections for top dining experiences, and venturing to nearby cities like Cernobbio and Lecco for more delicious dining options. And with handy apps at your fingertips, finding the best restaurants is as easy as a few taps on your smartphone.

Taking a food tour

Let’s dive into the culinary delights of Bellagio with fascinating food and drink classes that offer a delightful journey through the local cuisine. From savoring traditional Italian dishes to exploring authentic settings, this experience provides a mouthwatering adventure for food enthusiasts. With opportunities for multiple tastings and unique cultural experiences, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the flavorful world of Bellagio. As we navigate through the old town during the food tour, our senses will be treated to an array of tantalizing stops at selected shops. These carefully curated tasting spots promise to deliver an unparalleled culinary experience, allowing us to indulge in the rich flavors and aromas that define Italian cuisine.

Exploring the Michelin Guide selections

Let’s delve into the Michelin Guide selections – brimming with a plethora of 52 top-tier restaurants in Bellagio. With this comprehensive guide, finding a memorable dining experience is a breeze; whether it’s relishing creative cuisine at Mistral or savoring Italian and international dishes – options abound. Moreover, not just limited to these culinary delights, the guide also unfolds recommendations for lunch spots and the most romantic restaurants, ensuring an enriching gourmet adventure. Embrace the gastronomic odyssey with Michelin Guide’s app as your compass. It unveils a treasure trove of top-notch restaurants and hotels not only in Bellagio but also in nearby cities like Cernobbio and Lecco.

Visiting nearby cities like Cernobbio and Lecco

Explore the charming nearby cities of Cernobbio and Lecco, offering a change of pace from the serene ambiance of Bellagio. Cernobbio beckons with its enchanting villaspicturesque gardens, and historic sites – a paradise for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts. On the other hand, vibrant Lecco boasts a lively waterfront and an energetic atmosphere, providing a stark contrast to the tranquility of Bellagio. Immerse yourself in their unique blend of history, architecture, and modern-day vibrancy. As we continue our adventure beyond Bellagio’s culinary delights.

Experience Lake Como tours

Lake Como Tours offers an unparalleled experience, weaving together the breathtaking beauty of Italy’s Lake Como with expertly curated itineraries that delve into the region’s rich history, culture, and culinary delights. Embarking on sailing on Lake Como with a private skipper means immersing oneself in the timeless charm of quaint lakeside villages, where pastel-colored buildings cascade down hillsides and cobblestone streets wind through picturesque squares. Whether cruising across the azure waters aboard a private boat, opting for a full-day grand tour with a private speedboat at Lake Como, or wandering through the manicured gardens of historic villas, each moment is infused with a sense of wonder and discovery.


Q1. Where can I experience the best Italian breakfast in Bellagio?

Sadelle’s Café! Oh, if you’re dreaming of sinking your teeth into flaky pastries as soft as clouds, this caffe is your ticket to paradise!

Q2. Can I find food by big-name chefs like Wolfgang Puck or Jean-Georges Vongerichten in Bellagio?

Imagine strolling through Bellagio and—surprise—you stumble upon restaurants that make you feel like an undercover Michelin inspector! While our bellies might not meet Wolfgang Puck personally tossing pizzas or Jean-Georges Vongerichten crafting Cantonese masterpieces here, there are certainly spots where chefs serve up dishes worthy of their namesakes; just don’t expect them to accept praise in person.

Q3. Are there any Chinese restaurants or places serving Cantonese cuisine?

Just when you thought Bellagio was all about pasta and pizza… Bam! You’ll find hints of the Far East tucked between those winding streets. Sure, finding authentic Chinese food might be as challenging as convincing a strict Italian grandma to try sushi—but yes, Cantonese flavors do sneak into menus for those willing to search!

Q4. What sweets should I try? Cookies? Pies?

Cookies and tiramisu? Check. Pies that would knock your socks off—if only wearing shoes wasn’t so important here? Double-check! In fact, these sweet treats could give any French patisserie a run for its money — think delicate cookies that could almost pass for tiny works of art and pies more comforting than hearing “debit card accepted” after a shopping spree. Spice & Sugar Bakery sweetened our journey with delightful pastries and treats that left our taste buds wanting more.

Q5. Is dining expensive in Bellagio?

Yes, it is… let’s just say that your debit card may need some consoling after experiencing Bellagio dining first-hand; Michelin stars aren’t known for their modesty after all! Of course, splurging on meals here is part charm, part heartache—like spotting an exquisite pair of shoes.


In conclusion, immerse yourself in Bellagio’s rich culinary scene – from traditional dishes to modern reinterpretations. Explore the variety of dining options and savor the local flavors with stunning views of Lake Como. Discover Michelin-starred restaurants,the best places to eat, or uncover hidden gems for an unforgettable gastronomic experience with a view. Embrace the relaxing atmosphere while boating on the sparkling lake and strolling cobblestone streets. Indulge in a food tour, explore nearby cities, and take your taste buds on an adventure. Let Bellagio’s vibrant food culture leave you craving for more!


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