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Why I Love Portuguese Wine

Why I Love Portuguese Wine

Unique wines at great price points produced/served by wonderful people. Couple that with a diverse range of growing conditions and there are real reasons to champion Portuguese wine. Portuguese Wine Distributor: Wine Concept During the Fall of 2019, I did a whirlwind two-week trip through Portugal. The trip started with the Douro Boys Auction followed …

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Big Red Serbian Wines Merlot Syrah

Red Serbian Wines Revisited

Our first stop to the Balkans four years ago was Serbia. We started our three-month romp through the peninsula in Serbia. Back then, our expectations of Serbian wines were low. The high quality of the wines instantly impressed us. The possibilities for Serbian wines are endless thanks to its wealth of microclimates. For now, top …

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villanyi franc hungarian wine

Villányi Franc & Franc

Tokaj might be the most famous and world-renowned Hungarian wine region. But ask a local what region they want to visit for a wine holiday and many will answer Villány. Located in the south, Villány was the first region to begin the quest for quality after the fall of communism. They have worked hard to …

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antinori wines more than tignanello

Antinori, More than Tignanello

The iconoclast behind Tignanello and the Super Tuscan revolution is the family-owned Marchesi Antinori enterprise. Today, Antinori wine is no longer confined to one wine region. The Antinori family produces around 150 labels from 24 estates in Italy, from the northern reaches of Lombardy to Puglia in the south.

Moldovan Wine Guide Introduction

Moldovan Wine: Why It Matters and Why You Should Drink It

Here are a few interesting things you should know about Moldova as a wine country. First, wine is constitutionally considered as food. In March 2017, the Parliament of Moldova declared wine as a food product. The new law allows wine to be sold in shops after 22:00; advertising wine products on the mass media is also permitted. Second, there’s a public holiday dedicated to wine. Along with the declared holiday comes an annual national wine celebration held in the capital city Chișinău on the first weekend of October.

Balkans International Wine Competition and Festival Best Wines

Fine Wines From The Balkans International Wine Competition & Festival

In the Spring of 2019, Charine and I were invited to the 8th Annual ‘Balkans International Wine Competition & Festival’ in Sofia, Bulgaria. The contest is open to wineries from all countries located in or around the Balkan Peninsula. In addition to the contest, this year featured a three-day, open-air festival where around 100 wine …

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