Serbian Wine

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Big Red Serbian Wines Merlot Syrah

Red Serbian Wines Revisited

Our first stop to the Balkans four years ago was Serbia. We started our three-month romp through the peninsula in Serbia. Back then, our expectations of Serbian wines were low. The high quality of the wines instantly impressed us. The possibilities for Serbian wines are endless thanks to its wealth of microclimates. For now, top …

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Balkans International Wine Competition and Festival Best Wines

Fine Wines From The Balkans International Wine Competition & Festival

In the Spring of 2019, Charine and I were invited to the 8th Annual ‘Balkans International Wine Competition & Festival’ in Sofia, Bulgaria. The contest is open to wineries from all countries located in or around the Balkan Peninsula. In addition to the contest, this year featured a three-day, open-air festival where around 100 wine …

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Exotic Wine Travel Best Wines 2017

Exotic Wine Travel’s 17 Wines of 2017

Reading Time: 2017 marked the third year of our location-independent lifestyle and the second year of our wine career. It was a momentous year for us—in the span of 12 months, we authored and published our second and third wine book Sipping Santa Barbara and Cracking Croatian Wine, traveled to seven countries, and tasted over 2,000 wines. For professional …

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Radovanovic Cilic Onyx Rouge Matalj Kremen Kamen Aleksandrovic Radoslav

Serbian Bordeaux Blends

Reading Time: It seems as if every country that is either, new to winemaking or reacquiring its winemaking past, try their hands at Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Who’s to blame them? These are grape that people are familiar with. In addition to that, they adapt fairly well to multiple types of climate and make sturdy …

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Vranac Without Borders: 16 Wines to Try

Reading Time: The dark-skinned grape Vranac (pronounce Vrah-nahts) is largely believed to be indigenous to Montenegro but also found in the surrounding areas such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Serbia. Vranac usually delivers wines that are deeply colored with juicy acidity. The best examples of Vranac can have mid- to long- term aging …

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