Slovenian Wine

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Modri Les Noirs Fun

Modri Les Noirs: A Pinot Noir Festival in Slovenia

Reading Time: We were invited to the first Modri Les Noirs, a two-day Pinot Noir festival in Idrija, Slovenia. The event is the brainchild of Matjaž Lemut, owner and winemaker of Tilia Estate. The Modri Les Noirs brought together 15 Pinot Noir producers from Slovenia, four from Croatia, and five from elsewhere around the world. …

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Exotic Wine Travel’s 18 Wines of 2018

Reading Time: What a year. 2018 marked our fourth year as location-independent entrepreneurs and our third year in the wine industry. While the first two years seemed like a constant struggle for acceptance into this new world, 2018 was dancing to a different tune—we felt welcomed and appreciated for much of the year. Nearly half …

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Exotic Wine Travel Best Wines 2017

Exotic Wine Travel’s 17 Wines of 2017

Reading Time: 2017 marked the third year of our location-independent lifestyle and the second year of our wine career. It was a momentous year for us—in the span of 12 months, we authored and published our second and third wine book Sipping Santa Barbara and Cracking Croatian Wine, traveled to seven countries, and tasted over 2,000 wines. For professional …

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